Monday, October 10, 2011

shows I really want to watch:

Bedlam (the most)
American Horror Story (I read a review that described the show by saying it was like Glee but with shot-for-shot remakes of classic horror movies in place of musical numbers. Who could resist that?)

shows I feel like I have to finish even though they make me miserable:

Six Feet Under

shows I feel like I should watch more of even though I just want to start Bedlam:

The Fades

shows I have planned to watch since before they even started but never felt ambitious enough:

Game of Thrones

shows I will watch every day for the rest of my life:


  1. How am I completely unaware of Fades? (apart from your blog).

    I'm currently heavily invested in Archer, Game of Thrones, and. . . well that's it.

  2. I don't know, because it's English maybe? I just know about it because I love Skins and it has some of the same writers/actors. I forgot Game of Thrones, that's something I should watch too but it seems like a big commitment because I probably should also read the books.

  3. is Archer one of those shows about dead people?

  4. no. Walking Dead is though. That's a fun show, but too "intense" for me. I feel like I need a nap after I watch it even though I like it.

  5. i read Game of Thrones, and am reading the current one. . . but honestly, they've really done a great job of staying true to the books, so if the books seem a little ambitious. . . forget em.

  6. never mind, I think I confused Archer with Reaper. Archer is like Arrested Development but a cartoon?