Monday, March 19, 2012

short form TV diary

Blogging about TV makes me feel better about how much I watch, but I've neglected to write about 95% of what I've been watching.

shows I've started this fall/winter/spring:

The Vampire Diaries. Aside from being "so bad it's good" or whatever, I think this show is interesting because it avoids the hypocrisy of most vampire-romance fiction. The main characters just are really selfish and awful, and that's okay. The show doesn't try to hide or excuse that Stefan and Damon are former (sometimes current) serial killers. Elena isn't in denial, she just doesn't care.

China, IL. After the last episode we watched, Clayton said, "I wish they would just let Brad Neely make one Professor Brothers and one Baby Cakes video and show them as an episode." It's not unpleasant to watch, but it seems like they had to make all these changes to do a BRAD NEELY ADULT SWIM SHOW because the original videos didn't conform to some stereotype of what Adult Swim shows are supposed to be like. They had to "improve" the animation for no reason and make Baby Cakes unrecognizable/terrifying looking, and every episode has a huge fantastical epic story arc, when one of the best things about the original videos was how mundane they were.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Highly amazing show.

The Fades.

Bedlam. Hilariously, almost the whole cast is going to be replaced for series 2.

Game of Thrones. I'm enjoying this a lot.

American Horror Story. This was great.

Grimm. This seems like it would just be one of those placeholder shows where you're like "why is this on TV, does anyone actually care about it at all?" and indeed there are some obviously terrible things about it. For example, did you know Hitler was a wolfman? But something about its particular flaws makes me imagine it's being written by a 10-year-old who sincerely cares about the show, and I find it relentlessly enjoyable.

shows I've been watching for years but finally sat down and watched every episode of and/or caught up with:

United States of Tara. I feel like most TV critics just don't like crazy people very much because it seems like the more grimdark the show gets, the better they think it is. Whereas when it was more of a comedy, they were like "this show is offensive and unrealistic because it doesn't portray how hard it is to live with a crazy person." I enjoyed watching it to the end, but I definitely didn't feel that it became a better show. In fact, I kind of think it got less interesting.

Six Feet Under. I know this is a good show, but I'm so glad I finished watching it because it seems like all the writers have the same problems as me. I like depressing TV, I really do, but I just could not handle that every episode addressed something I was depressed about in real life.

Flight of the Conchords. Best show ever made (seriously, it's perfect--never stops being funny for a minute, and somehow doesn't annoy me with how sweet and innocent it is, even though I usually find that annoying, as with Portlandia).

Mr. Show. Other best show ever made.

Portlandia. This never fails to disappoint me but I'll keep watching because of my high school crush on CB.

attempted rewatches that I didn't really get that far with and don't have much to say about because I obviously like the show or I wouldn't have been rewatching it:

Spaced, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men, Being Human, Skins.

abandoned shows:

Skins. I was actually going to keep watching after the first episode, but Josh told me that the best-looking girl on the show, who also happens to be part of my OTP, died. Obviously shipping and attractive girls are huge motivations for sticking with a show that isn't good, and I no longer felt motivated. I also felt annoyed because since the end of last season, everyone in fandom has predicted that this character would die. It seems like she died because there has to be a mandatory death in every generation (in every generation a mandatory death is born!) and the writers didn't want to deal with either developing the OTP, or breaking them up to get back together at the last minute like Sid/Cassie and Naomily. I guess I can see why this would be difficult, but they just destroyed the only reason I would be interested in the show. Why did they retcon Minky?? That would have kept every lesbian in the world obsessed with Skins during series 6.

The Walking Dead. Maybe I'm just really tired of zombies, they're so horrifying yet so uninteresting. I was never motivated to start season 2.

Being Human. When I heard that not one but three of the four main actors would be leaving the show (with one actor quitting so suddenly that they had to say the character died offscreen), it just didn't sound like Being Human to me and I wasn't interested. Josh has been really positive about the new incarnation though so I'll probably get around to checking it out.

to watch list:

Lost Girl. The Onion AV Club did a weird review of this show where they talked about how the production is really bland in a distracting way (and all the actors are "bored Canadian models") but somehow the show itself is good? They compared it to Buffy and Angel. I also heard that the main character dates a man and a woman and this is a non-issue. So I'm very interested and likely to start this today or tomorrow.

The Secret Circle. This is by the creators of Vampire Diaries and I watched the first episode with Clayton several months ago. Everyone is pretty good-looking and lives in a good-looking town.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. Clayton and I were trying to watch this in fall 2010 but I got so mad when Russell Tovey was replaced after the pilot that I flipped my lid and refused to watch anymore. I am finally starting to get over it and Clayton's interested in trying again.

how great my life is going to be in a week when Mad Men starts and then a week after that Game of Thrones starts:

pretty great.


  1. I think I've said this before but you should watch Breaking Bad

    1. it sounds depressing

      actually I guess I watch a lot of depressing shows but only depressing genre shows it seems like

      bob odenkirk is in it though isn't he

  2. Apparently he is, but Wikipedia says he isn't in it until season 2 (I've actually only finished season 1 so it's possible my recommendation is premature). It's kind of depressing but it has parts that are pretty funny too.

  3. I totally read some of the vampire diary books as a kid.